Please hold the doors!

Maybe I’m a traditionalist, maybe I’m old fashioned, maybe I’m just a dainty, little lady but by golly where have all the REAL men gone? (And, in true form, where have all the real women gone?)

I can wax poetic about how men should hold doors for ladies, walk on the side closest to the street, stand up when I leave the table, and more importantly, sleep closest to the door but I won’t. Okay, I will.

I can be old fashioned. I like being treated like a lady. I like being fawned over. Lay down your jacket while I step over a mud puddle people! I will admit that while I like being treated delicately, I’m not delicate. I’m a bit abrasive (…that’s putting it mildly) but I do want to be treated with respect.

And so, if I expect men to treat me like this, do I want to go back to the days of women being treated like second class citizens? Hell to the no! Should I cook and clean and raise the children while my husband parades around  town? No, not really. What I want is someone to hold the doors for me and offer me a seat on the dang bus.

Are you with me? Am I alone in this?



Unwanted Attention

Typically I like to blend in; I don’t like drawing too much attention to myself because I hate walking around feeling like everyone is looking at me. But I do love to shop and buy fashionable pieces. (What lady doesn’t?!)

This week, I wore a dress I got from Banana Republic Outlet about a month ago. I like the dress a lot, but was not expecting the attention I got.

1.  Cube Neighbor: “Wow, I really like that dress. The colors are nice!” (Cool, thanks buddy!)

2.  Male Team Member: “You look nice today. Doing something special tonight?”  (Nope, but don’t I look nice everyday?)

3.  Trainer: “That’s a pretty dress.”

All of these comments were flattering and then I received this one.

4.  Male Co-worker: “You look good.”

Ummmmm, maybe not such an appropriate comment to make in a work environment.  How does one respond to a statement of that nature?

So the moral of my story, if you want to get noticed wear a form fitting dress (obviously, I don’t do that enough)!  And for those of you that are interested in what caused all the hoopla, here is the dress.  Good luck finding it 🙂


Searching for our Sugar Daddy- Happy Hour at Tortilla Coast

Tortilla Coast- 1460 P Street NW

This is our second time visiting the Logan Circle establishment. Downside- you can’t sit outside and partake in the happy hour specials, which are only served at the bar. Upside- great specials and good sangria that you can order in a jar. The bartenders are friendly and the bar patrons are eccentric. I don’t think we will be meeting our new love here, but we will definitely go back again!

On a side note- we would love to hear about your favorite happy hour spots so we can try them out!

What’s the Best Way to Handle Social Media Post Breakup?

We obviously live in an age where we get information fast, at a push of a button! (Thanks google!) But what’s the right way to handle facebook, twitter, or even, LinkedIn after a terrible breakup?

Let’s take this imaginary example and dissect it, shall we? Let’s say you’ve been dating someone for 4 years; four solid years. In fact, for a year, you lived together. Then suddenly, out of the blue, you breakup. Now, it’s been a whole month and you’re starting to feel like yourself again! You’re slowly (BUT SURELY) putting back the pieces of yourself, regaining your independence, accepting the pillow as your only sure of affection at night. It’s all good.

Suddenly, you’re getting random texts from friends and family, asking “yo, what’s up?” because you haven’t let the world know you’ve broken up with your significant other yet. Hey, at least you deactivated facebook, go you! Well, they’re asking because your ex has pictures up of them with another person. Not in the “HEY, we just met and isn’t this crazy!!” but as in arms around each other, kissy faces being thrown about and a level of comfort that shouldn’t be there after a month of dating. Now, we can say that everyone moves at their own pace, but in your opinion, when is the right time to throw your new relationship up on facebook or twitter? Is it ever okay to flaunt it so soon after a breakup or am I being overly sensitive?


All the Baggage We Carry – the Ex of all Exes

I want to introduce you to the Ex of all Exes. We dated back in high school, broke up when I left for college and dated casually on and off throughout college. I am now out of college and we have still maintained our friendship. He considers me one of his best friends and I do too, but we have never gotten over the hump of being comfortable enough to talk to each other about “other” people in our lives.

I love him with all my heart, but am I still in love with him at this time? No.
Could I see myself with him again in the future? Maybe.

In all reality, I could see myself marrying any of my exes (which I can count on one hand), because once I find someone that will put up with my quirks and allow them into my life, I keep them around for the long haul. I am a fighter, and I continue to fight everyday to keep my friendships strong, whether that be with my ex-boyfriends or high school friends or college friends or work friends. I find it very hard to let people go, that might be my biggest downfall or maybe it’s a plus. Only time will tell!


Searching for our sugar daddy – Happy Hour at Standard

We will feature regular blog posts about our weekly happy hours.  We always have hopes of meeting mister right at one our of outings, but in all reality we close off to the outside world and sit facing each other (arms crossed) to catch up on our weekly gossip.

Standard- 1801 14th Street NW

Get there before 6:00pm to ensure you can snag a table. It’s busy and the servers are slammed, but attentive. Prices are reasonable, but no happy hour “specials.” Fried pickles are tasty! Hush puppies are nothing special, they were greasy and lacking some flavor. Overall its a nice place for an outdoor happy hour, but it probably won’t make our “we have to go back” list.

When It Rains, It Pours

I am a serial monogamist. I’ve had a boyfriend, in some capacity, since I was 16. It’s not that I’m a dependent person, my friends and family will tell you that I’m ferocious and yet, I’m usually dating someone. Well, not this week my friends, not this week. Instead, I’m dealing with something I’ve affectionately termed, “When it rains, it pours”. In other words, it’s as if all of my exes have suddenly discovered I’m single and have tried to claw their way back into my life.

Normally, people pursuing me isn’t something to complain about but in this case, c’mon, really? There is a reason you and I are not together, why are you doing this to me? I will NOT fall for your tricks! (Fingers are securely crossed and I’m knocking on wood.)

Recently, an ex I dated off and on for several years, long distance mind you, started to email me again after a year plus of no communication.  Well, the emails started easily enough–catching up on what we’ve been up to and sharing old memories. Then, suddenly, he’s talking about visiting me, me visiting him, things turn from funny to flirtatious.  Ladies (and gentlemen), warning lights are blaring. This is dangerous. Well, you’ll be glad to know that I’ve put the parking break on this one. It’s trouble and I’m too tired for trouble.

How come we find ourselves talking to our exes when we know it’s not good? Is it comfort we seek? The ease of the known? Or are our dating skills so poor, we’ve got to go back to the kiddie pool?