What’s the Best Way to Handle Social Media Post Breakup?

We obviously live in an age where we get information fast, at a push of a button! (Thanks google!) But what’s the right way to handle facebook, twitter, or even, LinkedIn after a terrible breakup?

Let’s take this imaginary example and dissect it, shall we? Let’s say you’ve been dating someone for 4 years; four solid years. In fact, for a year, you lived together. Then suddenly, out of the blue, you breakup. Now, it’s been a whole month and you’re starting to feel like yourself again! You’re slowly (BUT SURELY) putting back the pieces of yourself, regaining your independence, accepting the pillow as your only sure of affection at night. It’s all good.

Suddenly, you’re getting random texts from friends and family, asking “yo, what’s up?” because you haven’t let the world know you’ve broken up with your significant other yet. Hey, at least you deactivated facebook, go you! Well, they’re asking because your ex has pictures up of them with another person. Not in the “HEY, we just met and isn’t this crazy!!” but as in arms around each other, kissy faces being thrown about and a level of comfort that shouldn’t be there after a month of dating. Now, we can say that everyone moves at their own pace, but in your opinion, when is the right time to throw your new relationship up on facebook or twitter? Is it ever okay to flaunt it so soon after a breakup or am I being overly sensitive?



2 thoughts on “What’s the Best Way to Handle Social Media Post Breakup?

  1. Personally, after a 4 year relationship, I would wait several months before making any new relationships publicly known. I think everyone deals differently though. Depending on how it ended, it could be your ex’s way of trying to make you feel jealous, or simply their way of coping (avoidance of the fact that you just broke up).

  2. What about the opposite problem… I’m not one for putting relationship statuses up on facebook, I just leave it off of social media, but when you break up and you tell your close friends, but then your acquaintance don’t know and you have to have that uncomfortable conversation with everyone. “Oh yeah, I got dumped a few months back.” Oh social media there is no winning with you and relationships!

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