Unwanted Attention

Typically I like to blend in; I don’t like drawing too much attention to myself because I hate walking around feeling like everyone is looking at me. But I do love to shop and buy fashionable pieces. (What lady doesn’t?!)

This week, I wore a dress I got from Banana Republic Outlet about a month ago. I like the dress a lot, but was not expecting the attention I got.

1.  Cube Neighbor: “Wow, I really like that dress. The colors are nice!” (Cool, thanks buddy!)

2.  Male Team Member: “You look nice today. Doing something special tonight?”  (Nope, but don’t I look nice everyday?)

3.  Trainer: “That’s a pretty dress.”

All of these comments were flattering and then I received this one.

4.  Male Co-worker: “You look good.”

Ummmmm, maybe not such an appropriate comment to make in a work environment.  How does one respond to a statement of that nature?

So the moral of my story, if you want to get noticed wear a form fitting dress (obviously, I don’t do that enough)!  And for those of you that are interested in what caused all the hoopla, here is the dress.  Good luck finding it 🙂



One thought on “Unwanted Attention

  1. I agree about not wanting to attract attention usually…but what I have found is that on the days I actually wear a dress/put in the time to do something with my hair other than leaving it up in a ponytail, the entire planet notices. I seriously have found that random people go out of their way to find you and I really think they’re waiting to take out their phones and take a picture of you!

    Maybe wearing something form fitting/more than your daily wear needs to happen one time a week on a constant basis so people stop making a big deal out of it?

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