Please hold the doors!

Maybe I’m a traditionalist, maybe I’m old fashioned, maybe I’m just a dainty, little lady but by golly where have all the REAL men gone? (And, in true form, where have all the real women gone?)

I can wax poetic about how men should hold doors for ladies, walk on the side closest to the street, stand up when I leave the table, and more importantly, sleep closest to the door but I won’t. Okay, I will.

I can be old fashioned. I like being treated like a lady. I like being fawned over. Lay down your jacket while I step over a mud puddle people! I will admit that while I like being treated delicately, I’m not delicate. I’m a bit abrasive (…that’s putting it mildly) but I do want to be treated with respect.

And so, if I expect men to treat me like this, do I want to go back to the days of women being treated like second class citizens? Hell to the no! Should I cook and clean and raise the children while my husband parades around  town? No, not really. What I want is someone to hold the doors for me and offer me a seat on the dang bus.

Are you with me? Am I alone in this?



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