Addicted to Food

I am seriously addicted to food.  I love food.  I think about food on a regular basis and fall in love with certain food items that I just can’t get enough of!  Do you have a favorite dish at a restaurant that you constantly get instead of trying new things?  I love going out to try new restaurants, but it has seriously put a hurting on the bank.  When I have to start adding additional rows to my budget tracking sheet because I have surpassed the amount of food I bought the previous month, I realize there is a problem.  There are several culprits to my issue…

I bring my lunch to work 90% of the time to quench the need to go try every food truck that comes by my office.  But I am weak, I love heading out to grab food truck food and now I am on a mission to try every food truck in DC.  Alas, I do not have that kind of money so will resort to slowly making my way down the list. 

And on the trying new restaurants issue, I absolutely LOVE buying groupons/living socials/eversaves/deal chickens/capitol deals/etc.  It’s seriously a problem because every site makes it so easy to select and purchase.  How does one turn all these amazing deals down?  So I’m not really sure how to quit this addiction to food and to be honest, I’m not sure I want to!  Any favorite restaurants in the DMV region that you recommend I try??



Cooling off

Here’s the thing with dating someone new, you get distracted by the shininess of them, the newness. You can’t get enough of them because, well, you don’t know them. Right now, they have little to no annoying habits and every form of attention or communication they give to you adds to how cool or awesome they are. In fact, right now, the new person you’re dating has 200+ brownie points because he called you before you called him. And that, my dear is our current problem.

When you first start hanging out, it’s so fun and great that you end up hanging out together for a whole weekend, not realizing how much time you’ve spent with each other until the weekend is over. Suddenly the real world comes back and you remember you’ve got responsibilities!  Then comes the ‘letdown’ period. You’ve hung out so much and liked that person so quickly, just not being around them is both a relief and a disappointment. A disappointment because you want to hang out more but a HUGE relief because, let’s be honest, girl needs some space! We’ve got things to do and friends to see. After the relief, comes the questions: Do I actually like him? Do I really want to be spending time with someone I hardly know? Am I for real?

What’s a girl to do?! Well, I’m giving myself a few days to cool off and see how things stand. I’m sure I like him but I don’t want to lose myself in liking him. You get me? I don’t want to get caught up in a whirlwind. No one likes whirlwinds, they mess with your hair. You dig?


Online Dating

Well, I’ve bitten the bullet. I’ve signed up for online dating. Yikes! I’m terribly nervous about it. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a traditionalist and do I want my future love to story to start with “we met online”? However, from what I’ve heard, “1 in 5 relationships now start online” so what have I got to lose?

I initially hesitated because I haven’t really given traditional dating tactics a chance yet. I’ve been dating consistently since the end of fall by meeting people through friends or already being friends with them.* However, I’ve never given that whole meet someone cool at a bar situation a try. Or meeting someone in yoga class, painting class or that volunteer event I keep meaning to sign up for. If I haven’t tried the traditional forms of dating, why would I try online dating? Shouldn’t I give it chance first? Heck to the no!

It turns out, online dating is great! I’m having too much fun reading through people’s profiles and messages. I haven’t gone out on my first online date yet but I’m sure the time will come. So far, my favorite message involves me being referred to as a “precious gem”. Who says that?

Any advice for a newbie to online dating? Any first dates do-s or don’t-s?

*I’ll elaborate more in a future post about how to know when guys are done with you.


Walking on eggshells

I was sitting outside enjoying my lunch with my co-worker (we will call her Shed).  We are both in interesting situations with our relationships at the moment, but she made a good point when I was complaining about my current status. At what point do you stop walking on eggshells with the guy you are dating? When do you go balls to the walls and lay it all out there?

I feel like I have been extremely accomodating with the Newbie.  I try not to get my panties in a bunch when he is too busy to see me. In the past we have gone two weeks without seeing each other and that mostly occurs when I leave the planning up to him. I am now waiting for him to step up and make the plans, but at this point I can’t keep these issues in…I’m ready to talk about it. I don’t want him to freak out since one of the reasons we broke up in the past was because of his lack of making me a priority.

I have to be a priority or there is no point to continuing this relationship. That’s right, I’m manning up and am going to demand the attention I deserve!  Or I will wuss out as soon as I see him next….wish me luck 🙂


Happy Hour at St. Arnolds

St. Arnolds- 1827 Jefferson Place NW

I have no interest in eating mussels (Ray), but J enjoys them and we thought it would be a nice change of pace from our typical spots. The atmosphere was lively with a good young crowd. You could sit at the tables and still enjoy the happy hour specials which were pretty awesome when it came to the food! They have half-priced wings and onion rings and you can get any of the mussels with frites for $10! The frites and onion rings were awesome!  And it seemed like J enjoyed the mussels 🙂 The drink specials were lacking, $1 off all draft beers. When the beers range from $7-$15 the dollar off doesn’t really help. They do offer a great selection of draft, domestic including Abita and import beers. Check out the pictures below from our evening!


Cleaning out my inbox

You know sometimes you just have to clean out your inbox. In my case, my inbox is all the stupid men in my life and other inefficiencies. Today, I will archive all the text messages, emails, voice mails, photos and other knickknacks out of my life, virtual and real. (Or at least, I’ll do my best!)

I am determined to archive all of it. For instance, this past weekend, I communicated with an ex who really disappointed me. I mean come on, if you’re not into it, just say so. Don’t just suddenly stop talking to me. Hello, we’ve been friends for 5 years, come on bro. Get with the program.That really gets my goat! So I told him so. Boom, ARCHIVED.

Next up, my monster of exes. The love of my young adult life, I BANISH YOU! You’re silly old man ways and your amazing cooking skills, BE GONE. I will get over you today. …Maybe not but I will try. In fact, to prove it to myself, this weekend I will go to our old bar haunts that I’ve been avoiding since the fall. TAKE THAT HEARTBREAK! ARCHIVED.

Men I’ve dated in the fall, I archive you. I will make sure your facebook statuses do no show up on my feed. I’m tried of reading your statuses in foreign languages. I BANISH YOU TO THE NETHER REGIONS OF THE INTERNET. BE DAMNED! ARCHIVED.

And now, I will socially organize my calendar. Which is saying something because I am a terrible planner. I make an oath to attempt to plan events two weeks in advance. Social failures, ARCHIVED.

Hmm, I think I’ve gone a little over zealous with the archiving but hey, everyone needs a hobby. What are you doing this week?


The Phone Game

Have you ever waited to respond to a text message because you didn’t want to answer too quickly? Have you sat by your phone waiting for a phone call instead of just picking up the phone and calling the person?

I find myself playing “the phone game” often. Sometimes I play it because I have to wait several hours to receive a call back or a text message. I constantly find myself getting all worked up when I am waiting for a response. And then when the shoe is on the other foot, I don’t want to seem like I am always reachable and sitting by my phone. So when the person calls/texts I might ignore them for several minutes or hours.

But, in all reality, does the person on the other end realize I’m playing “the game?” Probably not. Because, lets be real, what guy would think that much when receiving/responding to a phone call or text?

So tell me, how do you manage your expectations when it comes to communicating?