Meeting Your “Boyfriend’s” Best Friends

The Newbie’s best friend is coming into town this weekend and I wasn’t sure if I would get the pleasure of meeting him. I was up in the air on how to bring it up so I casually asked what they had planned. Why on earth would I have thought there would be a plan?!  Newbie doesn’t plan anything that far in advance (aka a week before is too much planning)!

But regardless, it’s going to be a “boys weekend” so not a good time to meet the BFF. Of course this freaks me out and the questions/scenarios go running through my brain. Ugh!

What if he doesn’t want me to meet him because he isn’t serious about me?  What if he is ashamed of me? Why on earth wouldn’t you want me to meet your BFF?!?!  If my college BFF was coming into town (girls weekend or not), I would set-up a time for them to meet.  I just don’t understand. Granted, I am thinking like a girl and I suppose that boys just don’t see the importance of meeting the BFFs.  But lordy, it makes me feel rejected.

What do you think it means?  Am I overreacting like normal?  And then can I really be upset if we still haven’t had the “state of the relationship” discussion?



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