Happy Hour at Ripple

Ripple- 3417 Connecticut Avenue, NW

Ripple is located in one of the strip malls in Cleveland Park. Cleveland Park is such a cute area definitely worth exploring! There is a St. Arnold’s Mussel Bar with awesome outdoor space that looks worthy of a try.

Ripple’s happy hour specials included half price beer and wine along with the grilled cheese bar. Now, I love myself some cheese, but this cheese was EXPENSIVE. You could make your grilled cheese combination with your choice of bread, 2 cheeses, and a spread for $7. While this sounds like a good deal, the sandwiches were so small! I mean tiny…see picture below.

I absolutely loved my creation, but left feeling hungry and after spending $10 on a sandwich. It’s hard to justify spending anything more on food for the evening. And now I have a lingering craving for more of that sandwich! Damn them for getting me hooked on something so costly (sad panda). Overall, I think it’s worth a try, but I won’t be going back anytime soon.



2 thoughts on “Happy Hour at Ripple

  1. Yay! Photos! That picture makes the grilled cheese look deceptively big. I’m so disappointed it’s so pricey!

  2. Looks very yummy! But I can make grilled cheese a week for $10! What a price mark up!

    And you’re missing the tomato soup! One cannot have grilled cheese without Tomato Soup!

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