Cleaning out my inbox

You know sometimes you just have to clean out your inbox. In my case, my inbox is all the stupid men in my life and other inefficiencies. Today, I will archive all the text messages, emails, voice mails, photos and other knickknacks out of my life, virtual and real. (Or at least, I’ll do my best!)

I am determined to archive all of it. For instance, this past weekend, I communicated with an ex who really disappointed me. I mean come on, if you’re not into it, just say so. Don’t just suddenly stop talking to me. Hello, we’ve been friends for 5 years, come on bro. Get with the program.That really gets my goat! So I told him so. Boom, ARCHIVED.

Next up, my monster of exes. The love of my young adult life, I BANISH YOU! You’re silly old man ways and your amazing cooking skills, BE GONE. I will get over you today. …Maybe not but I will try. In fact, to prove it to myself, this weekend I will go to our old bar haunts that I’ve been avoiding since the fall. TAKE THAT HEARTBREAK! ARCHIVED.

Men I’ve dated in the fall, I archive you. I will make sure your facebook statuses do no show up on my feed. I’m tried of reading your statuses in foreign languages. I BANISH YOU TO THE NETHER REGIONS OF THE INTERNET. BE DAMNED! ARCHIVED.

And now, I will socially organize my calendar. Which is saying something because I am a terrible planner. I make an oath to attempt to plan events two weeks in advance. Social failures, ARCHIVED.

Hmm, I think I’ve gone a little over zealous with the archiving but hey, everyone needs a hobby. What are you doing this week?


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