Cooling off

Here’s the thing with dating someone new, you get distracted by the shininess of them, the newness. You can’t get enough of them because, well, you don’t know them. Right now, they have little to no annoying habits and every form of attention or communication they give to you adds to how cool or awesome they are. In fact, right now, the new person you’re dating has 200+ brownie points because he called you before you called him. And that, my dear is our current problem.

When you first start hanging out, it’s so fun and great that you end up hanging out together for a whole weekend, not realizing how much time you’ve spent with each other until the weekend is over. Suddenly the real world comes back and you remember you’ve got responsibilities!  Then comes the ‘letdown’ period. You’ve hung out so much and liked that person so quickly, just not being around them is both a relief and a disappointment. A disappointment because you want to hang out more but a HUGE relief because, let’s be honest, girl needs some space! We’ve got things to do and friends to see. After the relief, comes the questions: Do I actually like him? Do I really want to be spending time with someone I hardly know? Am I for real?

What’s a girl to do?! Well, I’m giving myself a few days to cool off and see how things stand. I’m sure I like him but I don’t want to lose myself in liking him. You get me? I don’t want to get caught up in a whirlwind. No one likes whirlwinds, they mess with your hair. You dig?



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