How to Not be a Crazy Girlfriend

I’m dating someone. I mean, I think I’m dating someone. That’s right, I’m in the “are we dating? hanging out? Am I just a summer fling?” What’s happening here? Where has all my confidence gone? Out the window my dears, out the window.

I’m really liking this guy. I mean, really liking him but like my BFF Ray, I have trouble opening up for fear of getting burned. I don’t want to get burned (again). So my theory is to wait it out and test the waters a bit. I seem to be sitting around and waiting for some crazy sign that screams, YES, you two are meant to be in a relationship!

Now before we get into the whole “he might not be into you” theory, I know he likes me. That’s quite clear. What I’m not sure about is if we’re suppose to be dating other people or if this is just a summer fling because he’s leaving at the end of summer. How should I approach the situation? Should I wait? Should I tell him how I feel now?  (He has told friends that I’m hard to read…)

What should I do?



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