Guest Post: Ummmm Excuse Me But Do You Have A Girlfriend

Me and Jay wanted to be able to feature some of our friends experiences via our blog.  Let us introduce you to Ten, one of our best friends who has been recently reinducted into the dating world…

So here is what you need to know about me, I just got out of a two year relationship, I was
dumped, I’m trying to get back out there but I’m a bit rusty.

After a baseball game a few girlfriends and I head out to a bar and a cute boy strikes up a
conversation with me. We talked for a while, he bought me a beer, we flirted! Needless to
say I was giddy when he asked for my number at the end of the night.

That weekend he calls, really late at night. We ended up texting that night and then
sporadically the next week, and he kept asking when and where he could see me. The 4th of July rolls around and he initiated conversation and after a few hours he asked me
where he could come and meet me and I asked him “What are you doing after the fire
works?”. I get no response for 3 hours.

Then I receive the following message “This is his girlfriend, he is busy, thanks for

WTF! His girlfriend?!?!?! You have got to be kidding me!

Seriously what is this guy’s problem? You have a girlfriend, what are you doing asking
for my number at the bar? And then to engage in text message flirting with me and ask
about meeting up. Completely unacceptable behavior! This incident left me feeling
like an idiot, disappointed, frustrated and quite frankly pissed. He really seemed like an
attractive, well-educated, nice guy. How was I supposed to know he was a scumbag with
a girlfriend?

So that leads me to believe that when I meet a guy I could be interested in, I need to
casually slip this question into the conversation, “Um excuse me, but do you have a
girlfriend?” either that or wear the following sign:

Dear dudes,
I am only looking for completely single men tonight
Yours truly,



2 thoughts on “Guest Post: Ummmm Excuse Me But Do You Have A Girlfriend

  1. That has got to be the craziest thing I’ve ever heard. Unbelievable! I would really like to offer that this is very much a summer thing. Guys just seem to think that summer is “dating season” and they get to do whatever they want and winter is when they cuddle up to just a single person…really, I ask you, where have all the good guys gone??

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