Happy Hour at Brixton plus a Delish Fried Chicken Meal

The Brixton- 901 U St NW

The Brixton is new on the block and the owners put a lot of thought into the character of the place. The various rooms have mixed seating and thoughtful decor. The drink selection was good, but they did not have any happy hour specials. For choosing a place for happy hour, this will not make our rotation again but for a night out, this place has a lot of potential. Our server was friendly and attentive. The bar food selections were okay, not a lot of items we would typically eat.

We started with the home made pork salt which ended up being pork rinds. This is not what we were expecting and they were lack luster. We also got the english banger with chips (fries) which was delicious! All three of us enjoyed it…but we were still hungry so we paid our tab and went on the hunt.


J suggested a hole in the wall that she heard has amazing chicken, Oohhs & Aahhs. You walk into the open area kitchen which has a few stools for diners to eat/wait for carryout.  The staff then asks if you want to dine in and lead you upstairs to a small dining room. 

The fried chicken platters cost $16 with two sides which you might think is a little pricey, but we all took home food and were amazed by the goodness so there was no complaining from us! They only take cash and the food is served in take-out boxes so it is definitely a casual dining experience. But really, if you only take away one thing from our blog it should be this….you must try Oohhs & Aahhs (1005 U Street NW)!


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