Listening to Your Heart vs Your Head

I have had many ups and downs lately when it comes to the love department.  I feel like I have become bi-polar with my emotions!  I’ve talked through my relationship with friends and family, but it seems like everyone has a different piece of advice to offer or a separate way to handle different situations.  I’ve actually come to the realization that the more people I talk to, the more confusing it is for me to sort through my feelings.

And now onto the topic of sorting through my feelings….I can’t decide if I should listen to my heart or listen to my head.  They are both screaming different things at me and the more I try to rationalize what I want to do, the more my heart pounds telling me to stick with it and it will all work out if it is meant to be.  Do you believe if it is meant to be it will work out in the end?  I honestly do, but how far does one go to make it work?  I’ve never been one to give up without a fight when it comes to a relationship, but without some compromise I don’t know how much more fight I have in me.  Only time will tell….but time is running out so I hope I can figure this out soon.



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