Dinner at Bandolero

Bandolero- 3241 M St NW

Shed and I have decided to try a new restaurant on the first Thursday of every month.  We both really wanted to hit up Mike Isabella’s restaurant (Bandolero) in Georgetown.  We made reservations for 6:00pm, the place definitely had a lot of open seats when we arrived.  They have two floors with very earthy, mid-western decor.  The servers are casual in black tees/jeans, friendly and attentive.

Since this is another one of his small plate restaurants, Shed and I planned out what we were going to share beforehand so our decision making time at the restaurant was quick.  She started off with a margaritta, I really wanted a glass of cold ice tea, but they don’t have ice tea.  Sad panda.  Our food choices were as follows….

Appetizer- House made corn nuts and Totopos (tortilla chips, ranchera, crema):  The corn nuts were an unexpected surprise!  The Totopos was good, pretty spicy, but as we got deeper into the pile of chips they were very soggy.  Not necessarily my cup of tea, but they still had a good flavor.

Taco:Crispy Mahi Mahi w/chipotle, avocado, lime: Delish!

Traditional Plates: Empanada (corn, potato, jack cheese, poblano escabeche)- no picture taken.  It was really good!  I keep forgetting we ordered it, but I really did enjoy this item.  The cheese was gooey and the peppers served under the empanada enhanced the dish nicely. Sopes w/lamb picadillo, chipotle goat cheese- at this point I was so full so only ate one of my Sopes.  It was very good.  I loved the combination of lamb with goat cheese.  Very unexpected and presented very nicely.

Side Dish- Crispy Yuca w/citrus salsa, chipotle mayo: A little dry, but still tasty!

We spent close to $70 with tax/tip so it’s not a cheap evening, but for tapas I feel like it was worth it!  There is some serious mood lighting going on so it would be a good place for a date.  I would definitely go back and recommend that you try it too.   I’m interested in trying the crab taquito, flauta and nachos!  Who wants to go with me???



One thought on “Dinner at Bandolero

  1. I would be up for a trip!!!

    I have a request for one of your next blog posts or maybe an opinion that you gals can share from your experiences. What do you think is an appropriate “off” period for two exes to “see other people” because you don’t want to try long distance and then you somehow come back to the same region (!!) and he initiates contact? Is it just a friendship? Is it bad to get back in a relationship with an ex when the only reason you broke up is because one of you moved away and refused to do long distance??

    And how can you balance all of this with new career going on??? So far we’ve only talked on the phone and grabbed coffee and ice cream…I’m in a new area and I really don’t want to lose him as a friend right now…

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