Meant to be? Long distance lovers are reconnected….

One of our loyal followers posed the following question and is seeking our advice (and yours)!

What do you think is an appropriate “off” period for two exes to “see other people” because you don’t want to try long distance and then you somehow come back to the same region (!!) and he initiates contact? Is it just a friendship? Is it bad to get back in a relationship with an ex when the only reason you broke up is because one of you moved away and refused to do long distance??

And how can you balance all of this with new career going on??? So far we’ve only talked on the phone and grabbed coffee and ice cream…I’m in a new area and I really don’t want to lose him as a friend right now…

In my opinion, I think you should continue to talk on the phone and hang out.  See where it goes because maybe it is meant to be!  I mean, come on, you both happen to end up in the same area after the break-up?!?!?!  Maybe that is destiny speaking to you.  I wouldn’t rule it out, but take things slow and see what happens.  No reason to push him away at this point.

Readers, do you have any sounds words of wisdom for our follower?



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