Beer and Bacon!

Who doesn’t love beer and bacon.  As we found out, they are a delicious combo!!!!  Instead of our normal happy hour at a bar, we decided to buy a Living Social deal for a beer/bacon tasting (4 beers, 4 bacon dishes).  The event was held at the new Living Social space where they host a variety of classes (ie: Wine/Painting, Yoga, etc).  It is in a very convenient location (918 F St, NW) and the space was transformed in a very hip/sleek way!  The staff is friendly and welcoming which made the whole experience worthwhile.

On the menu: black pepper maple glaze applewood-smoked bacon with Danish blue cheese, local turkey bacon with apple confit with four-year Vermont cheddar, bacon basil blue cheese-stuffed dates, and barbecue spiced artisan grilled hickory bacon.

I don’t enjoy blue cheese so two out of the four dishes were misses for me.  But I really enjoyed the bacon w/apple and cheese!  J and Ten liked the barbecue bacon a lot.  The date dish was everyone’s least favorite in our group.  We learned a lot about beer and I learned I still don’t like beers with citrus or coffee undertones.

Overall it was a great class and a good change from our normal routine.  I highly recommend you get over to the Living Social space to partake in one of their deals.



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