Month of the Bitch

I started a new pill three months ago, July was my 3rd month taking the new pill and my body decided to skip having my period all together.  Now this was a shock for me, so much of a shock, I ran out and bought a pregnancy test.  The I proceeded to take both tests within the next week to ensure I was with child.  All tests were negative, but I’ve still been a little on edge.

This whole month, I’ve been a total wreck.  Either I’m super sensitive and feel like tears could come to my eyes at the drop of a dime.  Literally, my co-worker tells me a story about how great her vacation was and she was so sad to come back….tears welled in my eyes.  OR I’m a total bitch.  The Newbie has noticed I’ve been much more grumpy and I snap very quickly.  It’s never a good sign when your 70 year old co-worker mentions you have been particularly short and irritable lately.

So I’m blaming all these crazy emotions on the fact that I didn’t have my period so I’ve literally been PMSing the past month.  It could also be due to the fact that I haven’t taken a real vacation since I’ve been at this job (just hit my one year anniversary mark) or the fact that I was planning my college BFF’s bacherlorette and trying to make it the best weekend for her and her friends or trying to tie down some very important details for my consulting job.  Whatever the reason…I’m praying for Ms.Flow to come this week and looking forward to my extended holiday weekend!



Clear Skin: My Summer Beauty Products

In the last year, I’ve become a little crazy about beauty products. If it’s been reviewed and liked, I’ll probably give it a shot. Now, I’ve been extremely fortunate/blessed because I’ve got seriously healthy skin. I don’t take it for granted, I know how lucky I am to only get one zit a month (thanks mother nature) but I also take really good care of it. Here are my current favorite summer time care:*

1. Face masks–Now, I’ve only recently started the face mask regime but I’m hooked! My friend S creates her own peel-off mask using an over-the-counter brand plus a little aspirin to similar results as my beauty store purchase. I haven’t tried her method yet but once this bad boy runs out, I’ll give it a whirl!

Boscia Luminizing Black Mask

I really like the Boscia Luminizing Black Mask. It has no parabens or other craziness I can’t pronounce! I’ve used it for a few months and while the mask takes a little bit of time to dry, the results are fantastic! My skin feels smooth and radiant for at least a week, then I do the mask all over again. It’s like a little refresher for my overworked face.

2. Argan Oil. Holy potato beans! How am I only learning the magic of this now?! I’ve been using this oil all summer on my face even on the most humid, god-awful days and my skin tone has evened out so well. I cannot stop raving to my friends about it. Give it a try!

Josie Maran Argan Oil

3. Cetaphil Facial Wash. I don’t know about you but I’ve got sensitive skin so I’ve tried every face wash I can think of to remove make up. This is my go-to. It’s gentle enough for my super weak face but strong enough to remove smudge-proof, water-proof makeup with little effort.

4. St. Ives Apricot Scrub. Ever since the teen years, this is my morning staple. Freshly scrubbed skin keeps me looking youthful and not so tired after hours of youtube videos. Now, it’s not recommended that you wash with this every day, 3-4 times a week should do it but I’m not a stickler for rules so I use it as part of my daily routine.

Those are my summer skincare staples. What are some of yours? Any thing you recommend or don’t recommend? Remember to always wash your face at night…raccoon eyes in the morning is so not cute.


*Photos are from the Sephora website. I usually shop there since it’s the closest to my non-car lifestyle but if you want to try any of this, I’m sure they’re available at other beauty stores.

Having Dinner with your Ex: The Do-s and Don’t-s

Like all things in my life, I do things on a whim. I pretty much make decisions with gusto and in this case, gusto led me to make a call to my ex and send an email to finalize a time to meet up. We’ve run into each other twice since our breakup despite living within a 7 minute walk from one another and working within 3 blocks from each other. To recap from previous posts, we continue to love each other but realize that we cannot make it work the way that it should for series of reasons, none of which either of us fully understand or are willing to admit. Here’s the series of thoughts I had prior, during, and after our delicious dinner together.


  • Pump yourself up! You’re amazing, beautiful, and uniquely talented.
  • Feel your best. If you feel good, you look good no matter what you wear.
  • Wear what you’re comfortable in. Don’t buy a new dress, wear something you know you look great in and you feel great in it.
  • Be happy. This dinner is not about winning him back, it’s for catching up with in old friend, no matter how much you love each other. If you’re happy, then he’ll realize how great you are if he hasn’t already.


  • Let him pay for dinner. This isn’t a date, so split the check. You’re your own woman and you’ve spent a year dining without him, so work it girl!
  • Be Jealous! Do stay positive! So he’s dating someone new, NO BIG DEAL! Today, is a fresh start. You’ll realize that in the past year, you’ve grown and changed and he might have too or he might not have. It’s okay. It’s a fresh start in your new friendship.
  • Wear heels unless you can walk more than 5 blocks without complaining. You might look cute initially, but if you can’t walk in them, you stop looking cute.

Realizations: Everyone wins. When you’re ready to have dinner with your ex, it will be like breathing a sigh of relief when it’s all over. It really was great to see my ex again and see where life has lead us in the year we’ve stopped talking. I also realized that I’ve learned a lot and changed and no, I do not want to be back with him right now. (No one knows the future.) I’m happy with my life and I’m curious to see the road ahead without the heavy baggage that has burdened me. It’s going to be fun!


Grocery Store Etiquette

I love the self check out lines at grocery stores. I always loved playing store when I was a kid and absolutely love bagging my own groceries so I can put like things together!  But when you are at the store by yourself, you have to scan and bag everything on your own.  When someone comes up after you and you are still bagging is it appropriate for them to start scanning their stuff?

I was slightly irritated the other day because someone was waiting behind me as I finished paying. They immediately started scanning as I began bagging my items….and they weren’t scanning light items. They were putting heavy things through that started to squish my stuff at the bottom of the belt.

It got me wondering, what is the proper etiquette when doing self check-out?  Should you wait to start scanning till the person in front of you is almost done?  Or do you start immediately?  Let me know your thoughts!


A Must Try…

I keep blogging about all these new restaurants I have been trying.  But I feel the need to give a shout out to one of my all time favorite places to go.

A&J Restaurant- 1319 Rockville Pike, Rockville, MD

This is an amazing Dim Sum restaurant.  I’ve been going here with my family since I was in high school and we have our order down pat….spicy cucumbers, pot stickers, thousand layer pancake, scallion pancake, fried chicken with rice, cold noodles in a peanut sauce with ham, cucumbers and bean sprouts. Everything we get, we love.  I also love their iced tea flavor bubble tea!

They don’t take reservations, they don’t accept credit cards and the servers are not the most friendly, but they get the job done. They are quick and never mess up the order. They all work together to take orders, bring out food, clean plates and present checks. It’s a nice team environment which I appreciate because you are constantly needing more space and more food!

The restaurant is out there on the Pike, but I definitely recommend making the trek there.  It’s good…real good!


Are you a Relationship Girl or a Single-Girl at Heart?

I had an interesting conversation with a girlfriend of mine this weekend. She pointedly told me, after I spent an hour complaining about men not pursuing me, that maybe I should change my approach.

We took a sample of five of our friends and out of the 5 friends…

  • 2 are single girls at heart…but, they are married or in a serious, long-term relationship
  • 3 are relationship oriented ladies…only 1 out of the 3 is in a serious relationship

The rest of us are languishing.

She suggested that I not be so available when a male suitor comes my way and reminded me what I catch I am. So is she right? Do I need to be more single girl oriented or am I just looking in the wrong places for Mr. Right?

In the words of Charlotte York, “I’ve been dating since I was fifteen. I’m exhausted. Where is he?!”


Planning for the Holidays in the Summer

I start my Christmas/Hanukkah/birthday shopping incredibly early aka I have gifts for people that I have been stocking up on in previous years.  And since I start shopping so early for people I assume they will want to start shopping for me well in advance. I create a google document that I can then share with friends and family for ideas.

The one thing I am planning to do this year is simply to say “check out my Pinterest boards”.  I’ve been pinning up a storm on my beauty tips/tricks and things to wear. There are so many gift ideas on these boards. My family can really get a great idea of what I am into this year. And on this note, I’m already thinking about us hosting Christmas at our house again. I really do love menu planning and seeing it all come together!

How do you plan for the holidays? Anything in particular on your christmas list for this year?