Weekend in Review

Last weekend, I went to the East Coast’s premiere music festival: Firefly Music Festival in the great state of Delaware. It was the inaugural event and boy, it didn’t disappoint! I went camping at the festival with the girls and true to form, the next three days of our lives proved to be completely unforgettable.

First, we’re not campers. In fact, I’m lucky I know how to pitch a tent. (Thanks Dad for teaching me the skills.) Secondly, we had to use porta potties…can we just give a collective “YUCK!” here. Thirdly, we did not have a grill. I know, epic fail. I subsisted on Clif bars, gatorade and cheddar/sour cream chips. How I am still functioning is an absolute mystery. And, I was attacked (!!!) by beetles (the bug, not the band).

Let’s chat venue: it was held at the Woodlands near Dover International Speedway. This is NASCAR country people but boy did the event planners for Firefly out do themselves. Held on 80+ acres of woodlands, the festival grounds were amazing. They had gourmet food, an arcade, phone charging stations, water refill stations, and more. They had 4 stages scattered throughout the grounds. Smart planning on their part, the sound from each stage never mixed together. Really awesome!

With so many artists to choose from everyone had a favorite performance. I mean who isn’t in love with The Black Keys these days. They’re true rock stars. My personal favorite performance was Tinie Tempah’s amazing set on Sunday. He interacted with the crowd and seemed genuinely happy to perform and get the crowd pumped. By far, the most fun concert I have ever attended. The Killers also, well, killed their set. I basically sang and danced my way into bliss.

All in all, I cannot wait to attend next year and for many years to come. Firefly, you rock.



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