The Art of Making Plans

I’m a planner. Always have been, always will. Hell, I plan things for a living. So currently my calendar looks a little crazy because I literally have something planned everyday after work and on the weekends until the last week of August. And at that point I’ll probably be so far behind on my consulting work that I will have to buckle down and get a lot done.

The thing with being a planner is sometimes I just don’t want to plan anything. And then I get to the point where I get tired of always being the one to plan things so I leave it in the hands of others and it goes no where.

The Newbie always talks a big talk about doing new things or going on a trip together, but he never seems to follow through with those things. I wait and wait and wait for him to make plans some weeks and it rips at my insides! I just can’t stand to leave it in someone else’s hands because the plans never seem to move forward. It can get extremely frustrating for a person that is so incredibly used to penciling things in on a calendar (me!) and mentally preparing for all things in the future.

I’m a busy lady so I can’t just drop everything when he calls because he realizes he wants to see me. I hate nagging him about making plans but not knowing in advance when I’m going to see him next really starts to bother me especially when I know I have a lot going on that week. How can I balance my need to plan things and his need to not plan?!



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