The Problem with Breaking up is…

…someone always gets hurt. Alas, I have most recently been dumped. That’s right, a guy dumped me, on a park bench in Dupont Circle. Here’s the thing, I’m totally okay. I’m fine.

Just kidding, I’m not fine. I’m bummed out. He’s a really great guy who unfortunately doesn’t live in my area. I’m just going to blame distance for this one. Alas, I think it’s time I take a time out from dating and collect myself. I’ve also decided that I’ll get over this minor bump in the road in a week because, if I can go through a breakup with someone I was actually in love with, I can certainly go through this. Right? RIGHT!

I also think after dating people off and on for a year that I’m actually getting better at the breakup situation. I’m much calmer and less likely to burst into tears post breakup. Is this maturity or just giving up? You be the judge.



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