Happy Hour at Lincoln

Lincoln- 1110 Vermont Ave. NW

Shed and I decided to hit up Lincoln for happy hour (instead of doing our first Thursday of the month dinner). The happy hour menu had some great options so we could make dinner out of our choices. The bar was crowded when we arrived about 5:30pm. They offer happy hour specials on half of the patio space, but that area was packed as well.  J quickly joined us and we delved into the food.

We tried the calamari fries, lincoln burger and the mac-n-cheese. All three were delish!  I didn’t do a good job taking pictures, but here are the calamari fries.

We all had the Malbec for $6 a glass, not so bad!  They also had several beers for drink specials.

I definitely would go back for the food and the bartenders. The other clientele I could do without.  There was a big group swarming around the high tops and they didn’t make use of the stools. When we asked to use one of the stools the gal quickly said more people were coming, so no. (They didn’t use the stools either!)

The decor was awesome with pennies on the floor, a huge white leather chair symbolizing the monument in the middle of the restaurant and drinks served in mason jars.



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