Grocery Store Etiquette

I love the self check out lines at grocery stores. I always loved playing store when I was a kid and absolutely love bagging my own groceries so I can put like things together!  But when you are at the store by yourself, you have to scan and bag everything on your own.  When someone comes up after you and you are still bagging is it appropriate for them to start scanning their stuff?

I was slightly irritated the other day because someone was waiting behind me as I finished paying. They immediately started scanning as I began bagging my items….and they weren’t scanning light items. They were putting heavy things through that started to squish my stuff at the bottom of the belt.

It got me wondering, what is the proper etiquette when doing self check-out?  Should you wait to start scanning till the person in front of you is almost done?  Or do you start immediately?  Let me know your thoughts!



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