Having Dinner with your Ex: The Do-s and Don’t-s

Like all things in my life, I do things on a whim. I pretty much make decisions with gusto and in this case, gusto led me to make a call to my ex and send an email to finalize a time to meet up. We’ve run into each other twice since our breakup despite living within a 7 minute walk from one another and working within 3 blocks from each other. To recap from previous posts, we continue to love each other but realize that we cannot make it work the way that it should for series of reasons, none of which either of us fully understand or are willing to admit. Here’s the series of thoughts I had prior, during, and after our delicious dinner together.


  • Pump yourself up! You’re amazing, beautiful, and uniquely talented.
  • Feel your best. If you feel good, you look good no matter what you wear.
  • Wear what you’re comfortable in. Don’t buy a new dress, wear something you know you look great in and you feel great in it.
  • Be happy. This dinner is not about winning him back, it’s for catching up with in old friend, no matter how much you love each other. If you’re happy, then he’ll realize how great you are if he hasn’t already.


  • Let him pay for dinner. This isn’t a date, so split the check. You’re your own woman and you’ve spent a year dining without him, so work it girl!
  • Be Jealous! Do stay positive! So he’s dating someone new, NO BIG DEAL! Today, is a fresh start. You’ll realize that in the past year, you’ve grown and changed and he might have too or he might not have. It’s okay. It’s a fresh start in your new friendship.
  • Wear heels unless you can walk more than 5 blocks without complaining. You might look cute initially, but if you can’t walk in them, you stop looking cute.

Realizations: Everyone wins. When you’re ready to have dinner with your ex, it will be like breathing a sigh of relief when it’s all over. It really was great to see my ex again and see where life has lead us in the year we’ve stopped talking. I also realized that I’ve learned a lot and changed and no, I do not want to be back with him right now. (No one knows the future.) I’m happy with my life and I’m curious to see the road ahead without the heavy baggage that has burdened me. It’s going to be fun!



One thought on “Having Dinner with your Ex: The Do-s and Don’t-s

  1. J – Great post. I’m glad to hear that dinner with your ex (why does that term sound so scary?) went well. Admittedly, I’ve never met up with an ex post break-up, but your list of “dos and don’ts” will surely be helpful if that time ever comes.

    – K.

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