Month of the Bitch

I started a new pill three months ago, July was my 3rd month taking the new pill and my body decided to skip having my period all together.  Now this was a shock for me, so much of a shock, I ran out and bought a pregnancy test.  The I proceeded to take both tests within the next week to ensure I was with child.  All tests were negative, but I’ve still been a little on edge.

This whole month, I’ve been a total wreck.  Either I’m super sensitive and feel like tears could come to my eyes at the drop of a dime.  Literally, my co-worker tells me a story about how great her vacation was and she was so sad to come back….tears welled in my eyes.  OR I’m a total bitch.  The Newbie has noticed I’ve been much more grumpy and I snap very quickly.  It’s never a good sign when your 70 year old co-worker mentions you have been particularly short and irritable lately.

So I’m blaming all these crazy emotions on the fact that I didn’t have my period so I’ve literally been PMSing the past month.  It could also be due to the fact that I haven’t taken a real vacation since I’ve been at this job (just hit my one year anniversary mark) or the fact that I was planning my college BFF’s bacherlorette and trying to make it the best weekend for her and her friends or trying to tie down some very important details for my consulting job.  Whatever the reason…I’m praying for Ms.Flow to come this week and looking forward to my extended holiday weekend!



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