Favors for Parents

I have this guilt inside when I’m asked by my parents to do something for them and I can’t or don’t want to.  Do you feel like because your parents have given you so much, that you have to return the favor now that you are an adult?

A month ago, my Mom asked when I wouldn’t be able to watch her dogs if she went out of town.  I specifically said Labor Day weekend because I’d maybe like to plan a mini vacation.  Of course, I take three days off before Labor Day weekend and then she decides to go on vacation during that same time.  I absolutely have no interest in being tied down to her house to watch her dogs on my vacation (aka staycation at this point).  But now I feel extremely guilty for being in town and not watching the dogs.

So I gave in and said I’d watch the animals.  Now I have to spend all day on Wednesday doing laundry and packing for my week away from home.  I know…such problems I have, but it really just puts a damper on my staycation not being able to stay at my own house or go out because I will these three pups waiting for me to let them out and feed them.

Now that I’ve gotten that rant out, do you feel like you owe it to your parents to do favors for them?  How do you manage those requests?



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