Planning a Bachelorette Party

I had the task of planning my College BFF’s bachelorette party.  Planning a weekend trip for a group of girls I don’t really know made me extremely nervous.  I wanted it to be a good weekend that everyone could enjoy so I planned the crap out of it!  The college BFF wanted a good mix of Charleston (downtown, out, relaxing, beach, etc).  We also had to fit in a cake tasting and dress fitting to make the most of her time in the city where she is getting married.

Along with the schedule that I worked on with the college BFF’s input, I wanted to bring goodies for everyone.  I made shirts that had a big wedding ring on them and a different “wedding” word (ie: love, romance, i do, ever after, etc.)!  I also created goodie bags in cooler cups- light up rings, leis, beads, lip gloss, nail polish, advil and sunglasses.

The plan was as follows….

Day 1

  • Check into downtown Charleston Hotel
  • Walk around downtown Charleston- window shopping, the market, harbor
  • Happy Hour downtown
  • Back to hotel to get ready for dinner
  • Dinner at SNOB
  • Out in downtown Charleston

Day 2

  • Early lunch and cake tasting at 26 Divine- they had the most memorable baked avocado with a goat cheese, corn, red pepper mixture on top…delish!
  • Beach time at Sullivan’s Island
  • Dinner at Poe’s
  • Drinks and games at the Hotel- lingerie party (everyone bought her a gift and she had to guess who got her which items), sexy zoo, box game, newlyweds game (had the husband to be answer questions and then hilary had to guess what his answers were), how well do you know the bachelorette (card game bought from Party City)

Day 3

  • Dress fitting
  • Visit family
  • Lunch on the way out of town

Everything went very well!  No girl drama, lots of wine consumed and a good weekend of fun!!!!  For my first time planning a bachelorette weekend, I think I did a fairly good job!  Who’s next?!?!



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