Getting a Dog is like Having a Baby

This weekend I was at my college BFF’s wedding.  I was chatting with some friends and mentioned that I’d love to get a dog, but it is as much responsibility as having a baby.  I’d have no social life if I got a dog because I’d literally have to go home everyday after work.  I wouldn’t be able to go to the gym or play volleyball or meet up with J for our Tuesday night happy hours.

If I was to have a baby, that child would be the center of my life and again…not much time to do other things.  So as much as I crave to have a dog of my own, I haven’t gotten to the point in my life yet where I’m willing to not be selfish.  This is also a main reason that I attribute my lack of desire to have a baby.

Will my clock start ticking and will the desire to have a baby overcome my selfishness to have a social life?  I suppose when the right person comes along maybe my views will change.  But at this point…no room for a dog or a baby.



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