To jump or not jump?

I’ve been having a bit of rough week and I’ve started to date someone new. Let’s call him Euro. Can you guess? He’s European. I’m having a great time with him but after an emotional week, I’m starting to fade. Is it too early to tell him I need space? Do I actually need space or am I just freaking out prematurely?

I met Euro a little over a month ago and since then we’ve had a great connection. We spend endless hours talking about a myriad of topics and sharing experiences, it’s been amazing. He treats me very well too! In the short time that I’ve known him, he makes an effort to let me know that he’s thinking about me. For example, after a recent business trip, he brought me a present after I told him a story of how I loved a certain thing. He has also cooks me dinner and we lament over art together. Pretty much he’s a dreamboat for a girl like me. But…

Am I just so cynical that when a man finally treats me well, I don’t know how to recognize it and run away? Am I scared of getting emotionally attached? Has it just been such an emotional time that I need to take a minute and he’s just too available? Did I just complain about someone who cares about me? Yes, yes I did. I’m such a brat.

I love spending time with him. In fact, I miss him when I don’t see him. Mostly, I’m fine hanging out or not hanging out as long as I hear from him. Is that weird? Am I just emotionally drained and not ready to take the plunge?




One thought on “To jump or not jump?

  1. J– it sounds like you are confused, to say the least. You like him, but you’re scared. You want him around, but you need some space. The great thing is– you don’t have to have any of the answers. That is what dating is all about! It would be different feeling this way after you had been with someone for several years, or were married. But since it sounds like you are neither of those, I think you’re good to go. Keep dating him, having fun, and remember to be present. Don’t ruin it by worrying too much! (Easier said than done, but those are my small words of wisdom.)

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