Pet Peeve: Chronic Cellphoner

I struggle with proper manners when it comes to cell phone usage. Here are my big pet peeves about cell (smartphone) usage. I’ve been guilty of few of these but I’m working on bettering my manners and I think you should too. No one’s perfect, but we can be a little nicer and quieter…

You know when you’re riding the metro (subway for you non-DMV locals), 9 out 10 people are using their electronic devices to pass the time, which I’m prone to do as well. But, there’s that one loud talker, you know who I’m talking about, the one yelling to the phone so that everyone can hear. I’m looking at you and I’m absolutely judging you. Pipe down!

At a restaurant, if you’re having dinner with friends, family, whomever, put your phone away! Enjoy the conversation, take a second and enjoy the company! Do you seriously need to tweet or post on facebook the picture of your dinner plate right this second? No, you don’t. If I see you with your cellphone at dinner, you’re never invited again. (Unless there’s an emergency…FINE). Same goes for happy hour or any bar setting. I definitely get that there are exceptions to the rule but come on, have a little fun don’t be so antisocial! Real life translates outside of facebook and twitter, I swear!

Lastly, I am of the mind that you shouldn’t walk around with earphones all the time. Yes, I’m sure your soundtrack to life is awesome but so are the sounds of the city, life, liberty and the pursuit of city noise!

Alright, I’m getting off my soapbox now.

J, soapbox queen.


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