Happy Hour at Dickson Wine Bar

Dickson Wine Bar- 903 U Street, NW

We haven’t done a happy hour post in a while, mostly because I’ve been slacking on taking pictures at places we have gone.  J recommended this place (she went on a first date here) and I was excited to try it, except for the fact that the website has no information to offer.  Don’t they know I enjoy planning out what food/drinks I’m going to order?!

As I’m looking at the website now, they don’t open until 6:00pm which must be why the staff were scattered about with their own food/drinks at various tables.  They quickly cleaned up when we arrived and were fairly attentive.  The menu had a variety of apps, cheese and some amazing banh mi sandwiches.  We ordered the carrot dip and a short rib banh mi!  It was my first time trying both of these items and I definitely cannot wait to go back and get another Vietnamese sandwich.

The happy hour specials-$5 carrot dip and hummus; a variety of drinks for $5 as well.  I highly recommend going to try this place out!



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