Last Month

It’s almost December and all I can think is, “holy cow, what have I done this past year?”. What have I accomplished? Do I have anything still on my yearly bucket list? Is the world really going to end on December 21? What am I going to do for my birthday? Should I make plans for New Year’s?

I have so many unanswered questions, mostly about the future. While I have many questions and curiosity about the future, I’m also ready to start a new year fresh. I’m doing away with all the heartache this last year has brought to me and focusing on what I do have in life. I have a wonderful job that challenges me and inspires me, I have family who adore and respect me (who doesn’t), and mostly, friends that actually like me.

So goodbye sad faced J, let’s celebrate the last month of 2012 with joy and gratitude for all I’ve learned, haven’t learned and will learn.

Bring it DECEMBER. I’m watching you!



Road Block

I’m having a mental road block as to what to write this week.  I have had lots going on in my life, but simply cannot bring myself to type it out because I honestly don’t know where things stand.  Between telling the ex of all exes about the newbie, and things with the newbie not progressing to the place I want…it’s been a rough week.

Trying to find the balance in my life and figure out exactly what I want to be happy is a tough task!  I have no idea what I want with these two male figures, but I hope I have an epiphany soon so I can move forward with whatever it is.


Running into Former Flames

I have the worst luck. I mean really, the worst luck when it comes to avoiding former boyfriends or people I’ve been involved with. It’s like karma knows that I think ill thoughts and has decided to punish me by making me wallow in pain at seeing an ex or forget all the bad stuff and end up having a crush on them again.

For instance, just this morning, I ran into the European at the bus stop. I mean come on! The kid doesn’t even live in my neighborhood anymore. Seriously karma? We’ve got to stop this madness. Granted, my coworker said I look nice today so that’s very good to know.

This weekend, while having dinner with a friend from college at a local bar, in walks a former flame that doesn’t live in DC. This is my neighborhood bar man! Everyone knows how much I love this bar, how could he just walk in so casually? Oh coincidence! We chatted very briefly, but enough where I forgot why he sucked when we dated and now I find myself looking at photos of him. FOR SHAME!!

Every once in a while, I’ll run into the ONE. The one who broke my heart all over DC…well I saw him a couple of weeks ago during lunch. I hid. Like he was the plague. Is that normal?

And on that note, Happy Thanksgiving. I’m thankful that I get to go home and avoid my exes in the comfort of my family. Finally.


El Centro- All you can eat and drink brunch

El Centro– 1819 14th Street NW, DC

We gathered a group of friends one Saturday morning for the all you can eat and drink brunch deal at El Centro.  Originally, I tried to make reservations at Masa 14, but they didn’t have availability for a group of 10.

The group decided to get one of each thing on the menu and then drinks of our choice.  Some of the favorite items were the egg/bacon/cheese taco, barbacoa taco, mexican french toast and the salsa/guacamole.  For drinks, they had bloody marys, mimosas and cocktails made with tequila.

We had a great time!  The waitress was a little moody…probably cause we sat for the full three hours of brunch, but I would imagine they should be used to that!  Overally, we would highly recommend you try this place out!  If you have a choice though, maybe not sit in the basement.  It’s a little weird to come out at 3:00pm into the sunshine after drinking/eating straight for a few hours.



Holiday Shopping for the Men in Your Life

I have a tough time figuring out what to buy for certain men in my life.  My mom’s partner, my sister’s husband are two that I always struggle with.  It was always easy to shop for the Ex of All Exes because I could always to default to some type of clothing, Steelers paraphernalia, music or video game.  It is pretty easy to shop for my Dad too because he has a lot of hobbies!

I’m having a hard time deciding what I want to get the Newbie.  He is the type of person that has everything he could want/need.  A while back, I bought him a keurig as a just because gift…and now I’m wishing I had waited and gave it to him for Christmas.  About a month ago, he bought me an iphone as a just because gift.  So now I’m wondering what do I get him…and what is he going to get me?!?!

Here are some of my ideas, but I am definitely looking for suggestions.

1.  Flight lesson (if I can get a good groupon deal)

2.  Weekend winery trip

3.  Bunch of small things- scarf (to replace the one I think looks like a girls accessory), k-cups, clothes, etc

Help a sista out and leave your ideas in the comments section.


Election Day

In case you’ve been living under a rock the last 6 months, today is election day. Here are my election day tips to my fellow Americans voting across the country. To my non-American buddies, I hope we make you proud to live here and/or watch us express our patriotism.

  1. Be ready for long lines. This election is going to be a tight race and everyone wants their candidate to win. I was at my polling station by 8am (one hour after it opened) and waited for 90 minutes to vote.
  2. It’s cold out there, particularly in the mid-Atlantic/northeast. Wear extra layers, gloves, mittens. It might not be cold initially but trust me, standing around motionless eventually leads to cold.
  3. If you’ve got a mp3 player/iphone/ipod, make sure the battery is charged and ready to go.
  4. Gloves are essential, especially for book reading, gaming on your phone, or kindle.
  5. Small talk with your fellow voters will happen. Be nice and courteous. We’re all in this together, even if we vote for different parties, candidates or icons. Plus, it makes the wait go by quickly.

Happy Election day one and all!

Proud American,

In a Fall Funk

I’ve been out of town a lot recently and when I’m home, I find myself wanting to be alone.  I seem to be craving sleep and the need to just relax.  I don’t want to do out at night on weekends….I simply want to see my family and friends over lunch, daytime activity or dinner.

I just don’t have a desire to go out and party.  I’m not sure if it’s because I’m exhausted by the time dark comes and want to curl up in bed with the television or a good book.  It could also be because I don’t have a strong desire to go out and party.  While I am trying to be open, I don’t have a strong desire to meet other people with my non-exclusive boyfriend lurking in my thoughts.  I’m trying to keep an open mind and not turn others down, but his face keep popping up in my thoughts.  Mind you…I really haven’t had any “others” to turn down.

So my goal is to drag myself out of bed at least one night over the weekend and to go out with my friends.  I don’t want to close myself off….gotta continue to stay open to other things!