Election Day

In case you’ve been living under a rock the last 6 months, today is election day. Here are my election day tips to my fellow Americans voting across the country. To my non-American buddies, I hope we make you proud to live here and/or watch us express our patriotism.

  1. Be ready for long lines. This election is going to be a tight race and everyone wants their candidate to win. I was at my polling station by 8am (one hour after it opened) and waited for 90 minutes to vote.
  2. It’s cold out there, particularly in the mid-Atlantic/northeast. Wear extra layers, gloves, mittens. It might not be cold initially but trust me, standing around motionless eventually leads to cold.
  3. If you’ve got a mp3 player/iphone/ipod, make sure the battery is charged and ready to go.
  4. Gloves are essential, especially for book reading, gaming on your phone, or kindle.
  5. Small talk with your fellow voters will happen. Be nice and courteous. We’re all in this together, even if we vote for different parties, candidates or icons. Plus, it makes the wait go by quickly.

Happy Election day one and all!

Proud American,


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