Holiday Shopping for the Men in Your Life

I have a tough time figuring out what to buy for certain men in my life.  My mom’s partner, my sister’s husband are two that I always struggle with.  It was always easy to shop for the Ex of All Exes because I could always to default to some type of clothing, Steelers paraphernalia, music or video game.  It is pretty easy to shop for my Dad too because he has a lot of hobbies!

I’m having a hard time deciding what I want to get the Newbie.  He is the type of person that has everything he could want/need.  A while back, I bought him a keurig as a just because gift…and now I’m wishing I had waited and gave it to him for Christmas.  About a month ago, he bought me an iphone as a just because gift.  So now I’m wondering what do I get him…and what is he going to get me?!?!

Here are some of my ideas, but I am definitely looking for suggestions.

1.  Flight lesson (if I can get a good groupon deal)

2.  Weekend winery trip

3.  Bunch of small things- scarf (to replace the one I think looks like a girls accessory), k-cups, clothes, etc

Help a sista out and leave your ideas in the comments section.



One thought on “Holiday Shopping for the Men in Your Life

  1. I wrote a couple posts about gift shopping, and ideas, last Nov. or Dec., but it sounds liked you’re on the right-ish track. A lot of it really depends on particular details about the guy and his personality.

    Judging from the ‘just because’ gifts I wouldn’t see anything wrong with #1 or #2. If he’s into random and practical gifts (but mix in some fun ones too) then #3 would work too.

    So, I don’t know precisely how much help I actually provided here.

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