Running into Former Flames

I have the worst luck. I mean really, the worst luck when it comes to avoiding former boyfriends or people I’ve been involved with. It’s like karma knows that I think ill thoughts and has decided to punish me by making me wallow in pain at seeing an ex or forget all the bad stuff and end up having a crush on them again.

For instance, just this morning, I ran into the European at the bus stop. I mean come on! The kid doesn’t even live in my neighborhood anymore. Seriously karma? We’ve got to stop this madness. Granted, my coworker said I look nice today so that’s very good to know.

This weekend, while having dinner with a friend from college at a local bar, in walks a former flame that doesn’t live in DC. This is my neighborhood bar man! Everyone knows how much I love this bar, how could he just walk in so casually? Oh coincidence! We chatted very briefly, but enough where I forgot why he sucked when we dated and now I find myself looking at photos of him. FOR SHAME!!

Every once in a while, I’ll run into the ONE. The one who broke my heart all over DC…well I saw him a couple of weeks ago during lunch. I hid. Like he was the plague. Is that normal?

And on that note, Happy Thanksgiving. I’m thankful that I get to go home and avoid my exes in the comfort of my family. Finally.



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