As I spend more time with family during this holiday season, I always get asked, “When are  you going back to school?” or “What are you doing with your life?” which really makes me take a hard look at all of the things that I’ve accomplished or want to accomplish. Basically, I’m trying to figure out WTH to do with my life. I also figured, I probably will ask myself this question every couple of years anyway.

I bet teenage me would have thought I’d have it a little bit more put together by now.  By that I mean, a homeowner or something that seems very adult-like. Unfortunately, I’ve become one of those people who refuse to own a home or a car because I like living in the city where I can walk to work, grocery shopping, etc. (Not to say you can’t do those things with a car, it just isn’t for me.)

I also bet 17 year-old me would have thought I’d be well on my way to marriage by now, sorry to disappoint little lady. You’ll figure out that not being married right now as some advantages, as it does some disadvantages (like someone to destroy the spider in the bathroom!).

Alas, despite my lack of relationships, I’ve had a pretty luck turn in life–great friends (hey Ray!), loving (if not insane) family, and a sweet (emphasis on sweet) career laid out. My pathway in life doesn’t seem too awful today. Hopefully, the next year brings more fun, adventure and accomplishment.

Happy (almost) New Year!



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