New Year…same place

With the New Year here, I think back upon my 2012 and realize I was in a similar place with the Newbie this time last year.  We were talking, but “just friends.”  The Newbie thought it would be good to just be friends after we had started talking again from our major breakup in September.  And as just friends, he drove to NC and bought me Biscuitville for my birthday and an iPod for Christmas (way to send mixed signals dude).

Now we have called it off officially and I’m looking forward to the new year just as much as I was last year.  To be able to start fresh and new beginnings, especially since those hopes didn’t really work out for me last New Years.  So to 2013, I am officially free of all ties to my two ex-boyfriends and am ready to find mister right.

Growing up I never saw myself as having to get married and have kids.  At this point though, I do want to get married (i’m still unsure about the whole kids thing).  I want to come home to the same person every night.  To know that person is there for me no matter what and to share in the good/bad/ugly.  And even though I hate odd numbers, I have a feeling 2013 will be bringing me good fortunes!



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