When feelings make you nuts…

Just listen to some sappy songs, drink some wine, and sleep it off.  That’s my philosophy this weekend. After a weekend with my former boyfriend, I’m ready to bottle my feelings, literally.

I had not expected his visit to affect me as much as it has. Does that make me a cold-hearted meanie? According to my ex, I did give him the cold shoulder, one that he hadn’t quite earned yet if I’m honest.  I suppose since our last encounter, nearly three years ago, I was much more open and willing to try the world out. Well, 5 years in this city and having my heart broken, I’ve become less naive and little bit more cautious and that has clearly become evident to him as well.

He has and will always be the most patient person with me. I’m not an easy person to handle, I think Ray can attest to that but there are a handful of people who can understand or at least appreciate where you’re coming from. He is one of those people. Unfortunately, what he is willing to give to me, I no longer want right now.

My shock of feelings is surprising because I’ve realized what I thought I wanted or needed, isn’t what I want anymore. What I want is me. I want to explore and experience the world and life without someone holding me down. Girl wants to be free. Back up bros. (Unless you’re in a boyband or a prince, then holler.)

Cheers to finding well earned freedom and love,




Do It Yourself- Gel Manicures

One of the best gifts I got this year for my bday/christmas was my official CND UV Light and gel manicure nail polishes.  Today, I invited Ten to come over for an evening of nail painting and planning for our April trip to Trinidad.

Let me tell you, this stuff is the bomb.  It is amazing that I can paint my nails one night and they won’t start chipping for at least 10 days.  It looks great and is awesome that I can go to sleep right after painting them with no fear of dinking a nail or getting bed sheet marks on them.  I highly recommend it especially if you are a nail polish queen, like myself.

1.  Clean nails


2.  Base coat and let nails sit in light for 20 seconds (curing)


3.  Two coats of the color polish, let cure for 120 seconds btw coats


4.  Top coat, cure for 120 seconds


5.  Rub nails with alcohol to remove the stickiness

6.  Voila!  Perfect nails that you can immediately eat popcorn with!



The Art of Dating via Texting

This new age thing where everyone texts has taken some of the spark out of being courted.  Granted, I love to text…but the excitement of getting a phone call after meeting a boy is pure bliss (with some anxiety on the side).  I ask you, do you think texting takes some of the spark out of the initial dating process?  Is texting too informal and too comfortable so you lose some of the excitement?

The one thing that is sticking with me at this time is something Patti Stanger, the Millionaire Matchmaker said.  In one of my vege out sessions over the holidays I was catching up on Bravo and she made a HUGE deal about one of her Millionaires setting up a second date over text message.  So if Patti says texting and making date plans is a big no no, than that is what I believe too!  And then the big question lies, what is the appropriate time frame after meeting someone to reach out and make plans?


Spaghettis are Men**

Well, ladies and gentlemen, my former boyfriend (from a few blog posts ago) is visiting me. I haven’t seen him in nearly three years. The last time I saw him was about a month before we broke up. You see, we dated long distance for most of our 2 year relationship. At one point, homeboy lived 3000 miles away. We ended it, it was rough and we didn’t speak for quite some time and now he’s visiting me. Did I mention that he currently lives 16000 miles away from me?He is only here for a couple of days so it’s a pretty short visit. He’s actually in the states for work and heads to the left coast for the rest of his trip.

I’m very excited to see him and incredibly nervous. I won’t lie, I still hold a slight candle to him. He was definitely one of the bigger relationships in my life. I’m concerned about residual feelings finding their way to the surface and causing a volcano of emotion. Or worse yet, new feelings to come develop. We’ve always had a special relationship even as friends so I’m a little scared.

BUT, this could all be a moot point. We could see each other after so many years and just fall into an easy friendship, maybe that’s how it’s all meant to be. I’m hoping for friendship because long distance and feelings would be too much for my heart to handle this year. This year is about me. And I’m pretty awesome.


**I hope you watch “How I Met Your Mother”. Genius show!

Happy Hour which Turns into Closing Down the Bars

On Friday,  me and my friend went out in Clarendon.  We were just planning on doing Happy Hour since I still had been under the weather and wanted to be rested for NYE.  Our plan turned into bar hoping, which landed us at the same place I met the Newbie.  Originally, we were going to refrain from hitting up that bar because I have still been emotional about him, but 5 drinks deep, we thought maybe we would have some good luck there!

We hadn’t even been there for more than 20 minutes when we struck up a conversation with a group of guys that continued into the night.  We went to another bar with the group and danced our behinds off.  It was so refreshing and exciting to meet someone new.  It shows me there is hope and that the Newbie or the Ex of All Exes aren’t the only ones out there.


PS: This happy hour took place December 28th and a lot has happened since then.  I’ll be posting more over the next couple of weeks with updates 🙂

Set Sail

Well after a hefty New Year celebration and a big birthday celebration, I can safely say I’m making some pretty significant plans for this year. As you might guess, my resolution is to make progress. It’s time to leave the past behind and look to a bright, brilliant future.

I’m moving forward in a myriad of ways. I am making plans, taking names and totally kicking ass. Im focusing on bettering my personal life, professional life and love life. Bring it 2013! I’m ready to kick your butt! you want to make me one year older, then I’m going to make you a memorable year.

Here’s a list of my fears I’m going to work on facing:

  • Heights
  • Taking the GREs
  • Getting my haircut
  • Finish Crime and Punishment

The best part is that many friends are making similar progress. It’s always fun and humbling to see friends and family make the most of themselves.

What are your resolutions? Think you can keep them?

Delay in Post (#HTTR)

Sorry for the delay in my post this week, but I was at the Skins game screaming my face off yesterday.  This football season was awesome, partially because of all my new tailgating equipment I got last Christmas.

I wanted to take this time to pause from my typical posts and give a shout out to my team.  They came off a 3-6 record to win 7 games straight and become NFC East Champions!  Unfortunately, they couldn’t pull through on Sunday against the Seahawks.  Regardless, it was an exciting season and I already am looking forward to next year.

Mad props to the Redskins!!!!


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