Set Sail

Well after a hefty New Year celebration and a big birthday celebration, I can safely say I’m making some pretty significant plans for this year. As you might guess, my resolution is to make progress. It’s time to leave the past behind and look to a bright, brilliant future.

I’m moving forward in a myriad of ways. I am making plans, taking names and totally kicking ass. Im focusing on bettering my personal life, professional life and love life. Bring it 2013! I’m ready to kick your butt! you want to make me one year older, then I’m going to make you a memorable year.

Here’s a list of my fears I’m going to work on facing:

  • Heights
  • Taking the GREs
  • Getting my haircut
  • Finish Crime and Punishment

The best part is that many friends are making similar progress. It’s always fun and humbling to see friends and family make the most of themselves.

What are your resolutions? Think you can keep them?


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