Spaghettis are Men**

Well, ladies and gentlemen, my former boyfriend (from a few blog posts ago) is visiting me. I haven’t seen him in nearly three years. The last time I saw him was about a month before we broke up. You see, we dated long distance for most of our 2 year relationship. At one point, homeboy lived 3000 miles away. We ended it, it was rough and we didn’t speak for quite some time and now he’s visiting me. Did I mention that he currently lives 16000 miles away from me?He is only here for a couple of days so it’s a pretty short visit. He’s actually in the states for work and heads to the left coast for the rest of his trip.

I’m very excited to see him and incredibly nervous. I won’t lie, I still hold a slight candle to him. He was definitely one of the bigger relationships in my life. I’m concerned about residual feelings finding their way to the surface and causing a volcano of emotion. Or worse yet, new feelings to come develop. We’ve always had a special relationship even as friends so I’m a little scared.

BUT, this could all be a moot point. We could see each other after so many years and just fall into an easy friendship, maybe that’s how it’s all meant to be. I’m hoping for friendship because long distance and feelings would be too much for my heart to handle this year. This year is about me. And I’m pretty awesome.


**I hope you watch “How I Met Your Mother”. Genius show!


3 thoughts on “Spaghettis are Men**

  1. I saw the title of the post and immediately said to myself, “She must have watched HIMYM last night.” On, but Off Topic, I was a little “Meh” about the episode last night until Ted and Lily’s conversation on the roof top. Suddenly I was more, “Whoa”. Let’s hope they keep this momentum going for the rest of the season.

    …and of course well wishes to your upcoming ‘reunion’.

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