The Art of Dating via Texting

This new age thing where everyone texts has taken some of the spark out of being courted.  Granted, I love to text…but the excitement of getting a phone call after meeting a boy is pure bliss (with some anxiety on the side).  I ask you, do you think texting takes some of the spark out of the initial dating process?  Is texting too informal and too comfortable so you lose some of the excitement?

The one thing that is sticking with me at this time is something Patti Stanger, the Millionaire Matchmaker said.  In one of my vege out sessions over the holidays I was catching up on Bravo and she made a HUGE deal about one of her Millionaires setting up a second date over text message.  So if Patti says texting and making date plans is a big no no, than that is what I believe too!  And then the big question lies, what is the appropriate time frame after meeting someone to reach out and make plans?



One thought on “The Art of Dating via Texting

  1. Texting has hindered, but also helped, the aspect of dating. Or at least, that’s how I see it.

    The hindrance is pretty much as you said it above, that’s why (in the beginning) I refuse to arrange a date via text; I’m going to call you, especially during the ‘courting stage’.

    Now, if a relationship ‘blossoms’ then I think texting can be very helpful. Being in my 30’s, working full time, texting is a great way to keep in touch with that ‘someone’ whether it be a “Good morning” to continuing the conversation the two of you were having before going to bed the night before.

    After a date I actually prefer a text message, over a call, letting me know you had a good time; or visa versa. It’s casual and non-invasive; particularly depending on how late the date went on for. Plus, you’ve become some-what smitten with this person, and are corny like me, you can save that text message and use it as a smile motivator any time you want to.

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