My Someone New- The Penguin

In my previous post, Happy Hour which Turned into Closing Down Bars, I mentioned meeting a new guy.  This guy now deserves a name in the blog because he has officially become my boyfriend!  We are going to call him Penguin.

In a nutshell, it went a little like this…

1. Boy/Girl meet at the bar

2.  Boy/Girl continue to talk via text and phone for a week

3.  Boy invites girl on a date and girl invites boy to go out for J’s birthday

4.  Boy invites girl to go to Deep Creek Lake for the weekend with his friends

5.  Boy asks girl to be his girlfriend

6.  Girl hesitates, but then agrees a week later

7.  And here we are!

I haven’t been this happy in my relationships…possibly ever.  It is such a nice change and I never realized how much the little things meant to me until now.  The Penguin responds to my texts within a reasonable timeframe, calls me, makes plans and expects to see me during the week/weekend.  I really am looking forward to seeing where this relationship moves and can’t wait for you all to read about it!!!



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