Trying to Stay Up on the News

My new goal is to keep up with current events more actively. I hear or read things in passing but my new goal is to become an active participant. And on that note, I have a guilty pleasure: I love Vanity Fair. It’s just a beautiful, beautiful magazine. Second confession, I LOVE PEOPLE MAG! It’s just too gossipy to ignore. Who doesn’t want to know about Zac Efron’s new hairdo or what terrible things were said on some reality tv show? In order to combat my preoccupation with pop culture, I’ve subscribed to The Economist.

If you’ve never read The Economist, let me tell you, it can become an arduous task but I won’t lie, I feel smarter already. I’m also reading a few other established publications other than the usual (WaPo, NYT). Are there any you’d suggest? Any thing I should subscribe to?


PS. I also started reading the Jack Reacher novels, now you know everything about me. EEIP! Don’t judge me.


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