Did you guys watch the Grammys the other night? Holy moly, it was pretty good this year. I personally, loved the fashion and music. I like that absolutely no one paid attention to the dress code memo. Ladies, if you got it, I guess you better flaunt it! Good lord!! So much under breast was showing, at least they adhere to the rules, no side breast!

There were a few cringe worthy acceptance speeches too but alas, one should always expect that during awards’ season. I personally appreciated Adele’s speech–simple and concise. ROCK IT GIRL. FUN. had a great night and while, I think some others also deserved the award, FUN. definitely made me fall in love with them a little more.

Let’s talk about some performances. Rihanna–she rocked my socks. I mean, completely moved me with her latest single “Stay.” I also thoroughly enjoyed Black Keys too. But the night belonged to JT. He rocked the house. I am so excited to hear his new album. I am looking forward to March. Bring it.



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