I think I have a crush…

This past weekend while hanging out with Ray, I spotted a very attractive man. I mean, jaw dropping gorgeous and he was looking right at me. I was absolutely swooning. Ask Ray! I acted like a complete moron. I reverted back to a 5th grader who has discovered liking someone for the first time. I’m talking full-on giggle fest. We’re a few days out from that now and I am embarrassed and still giggling.

What happened you might ask? Well, nothing because I was too chicken to ask him for his number. He is a bartender and obviously couldn’t be too distracted by a lady flirting with him on a busy Saturday night but we did exchange names. Now I realize that he might have been a friendly guy hoping to make a few extra dollars by being great but to heck with all that. I thought he was cute and I want his number dang it!

What do I do? Can’t I just do the obvious and pine away for a dream boat that I made up in my head? Or next time I’m there and he’s there, pluck up the courage to ask him for his number? Thoughts? Do I let this slide as a fantasy or roll with it? I have the giggles again, please excuse me.

Giggles McGoo aka J


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