New Motto- Take it. Own it. Rock it.

I’ve been having a rough time at work lately.  Basically, I have been incredibly stressed and busy because our annual meeting is right around the corner.  Granted, I love being busy…..I love the go, go, go and thrill of getting everything done.  But, for some reason this year, I’ve been feeling really bitter lately towards the amount of work I am getting done and producing compared to others in my area.

While people have chimed in and suggested I talk to my boss, I just don’t feel comfortable doing that.  It isn’t that I can’t handle the work load, but I almost feel as though I am being taken for granted.  I want to continue to prove myself as a hard worker which is why I have created my new motto.  I’m not interested in giving up tasks and I want to continue to take more on and gain more ownership of things.  So here it is…

Take it.  Own it.  Rock it.

I recommend we all live by this and hope it will motivate you to stop being bitter.  A little wooo-saaaa and move on.



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