Awkward Run In

It finally happened, I was at the same party as my super-ex boyfriend. I say “super,” not because he was fabulous but because he broke my heart in a million (maybe a billion) pieces. Only now, after a year and half post break up can I appreciate what a jerk he has become. I like to think I was love blind to how toxic he was. He used my awesomeness to counter how mean he could be to himself and those around him. (That’s another analysis of emotions that I’m not quite ready for yet!)

Anyway, we were both invited to a mutual friend’s farewell party. She’s one of the loveliest people I know so of course I’m going to her party. While, who is the first person he sees when he walks in the door? THIS GIRL. And do you want to know what he said to me? HE said, “Who do you know here?” Uh, what? Who do I know here? Who DO YOU KNOW? Idiot.

Now to me, those are fighting words. Bring it. So what did I do? I made sure I was the life of the party. I talked my pretty little heart out to everyone I could and pranced around laughing and smiling the while night. I made friends with a few people and continued to have a blast. Eat that stupid face. I can be nice and cordial up to a point, after that, it’s game on.  He ended up leaving well before I did. He then sent a text stating how awkward he felt. Too bad hot shot! I’m tried of feeling guilty when I see him. We ended on his terms so what is a girl to do? Move on, enjoy life, and laugh her heart out.  Rock on sisters.




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