Happy Hour- Cedar

Cedar- 822 E Street, NW

Cedar is a basement bar, but has a very intimate feel.  The bartender was entertaining and we enjoyed checking out the clientele via the large mirror hanging behind the bar.  Unfortunately, we were both disappointed with the food.  They offered what we thought would be some great options (3 bar bites for $15 and sandwiches $12-$16).


Jay and I elected to try the risotto balls, duck fat french fries and chicken wings for our three bar bites.  We also got the hamburger with white cheddar.  I enjoyed the burger, but the one at Scion was better.  We both agreed that the duck fat fries had no flavor and no salt…they were blech.  The regular fries that came with the burger were better.

photo (2)

The happy hour drink specials were good.  A house red/white, draft beer, some signature cocktails all for $5.  Overall, I wouldn’t recommend Cedar for happy hour.  The prices were just right, but the quality was underwhelming.

photo (1)



Get the Hint Bro!

A few weekends ago I attended a party, met a man and we exchanged digits. Well homeboy has been calling and sending messages ever since. Now I have politely told him that I am not interested. More importantly that I thought it was very uncool for him to chat me up while chatting up one of my friends. Talk about awkward. Well, as it turns out he has a major crush on her. Rock on bro! Good for you! Then STOP talking to me too! It’s really annoying. I haven’t returned his messages other than to tell him that I am not interested in speaking further with him and to “Live long and prosper.” I SAID IT.

He hasn’t gotten the hint. It’s been almost 4 weeks and just this morning he sent me a text. C’mon. What more can I say or my friend say to finally get him to take a hint: you messed with the wrong chicks and no we are not interested in dating, screwing or being friends. You’re welcome.



Homeless Oh So Soon

The time has come.  I put off looking for a house the first part of this year because of the pure stress I was feeling between my two jobs.  I literally was more overwhelmed then I ever have been; therefore, house hunting was put on the back burner.  But now, all bets have changed because my sister/BIL have officially accepted an offer on their house (after it was on the market for 6 days).  Congrats to them, but damn, now I have to get my ass in gear to find somewhere to live.

Finding a PERFECT place that has all my requirements is really tough so some things might have to give.  Ideally, I want to find a renovated row home in a cool/hip area of DC.  Reality is I will be buying a 1 bedroom condo in an upcoming area or more of a neighborhoody part of DC.  I’ve come to the realization that this isn’t a bad thing.  I have fallen in love with a condo in Brightwood.  There are actually 7 different listings in this brand new complex so I”m not going to sign on the dotted line yet, but I will be going out Sunday to look at places and then again one more time next week.  At that point, I’ll be ready to make my decision (at least I hope so).

Eeeeek.  Big girl panties are coming on.  I’m very anxious about this whole process because I’m just not sure what the best decision will be.  I am continuing to weigh my options and keep my eyes/brain open to various possibilities.  You know, a year ago I was so against condos and only wanted a row home.  But do I really want to have to fix up a place?  Hell no!  I really don’t enjoy home improvement stuff.  Thankfully, I have an awesome father and sister that are great with fixer uppers if I need them.

So yea, I’ve got to find a place and close by May 2nd.  If not, I’ll be moving back in with my Dad…J and Penguin have both offered their places up as well as a temporary place to rest my head.  I’m lucky to have options.  I figure my car wouldn’t be such a bad place either now that spring is on the way.

Have any first homebuyer tips?  Send em’ my way!


Happy Hour at Scion

Scion- 2100 P St NW

Wow, I have totally slacked on posting happy hour spots the past couple of months.  I’m trying to get back on it, but I keep forgetting to take pictures.  I specifically took my phone out of my purse during our last happy hour and only got one picture.  Sorry!!!

Scion was great.  I’d go back for sure…especially on a Tuesday since it is half priced burger night.  The burger was delicious!  It included fried pickles, grilled onions and a peach ketchup (J and I both avoided the sweet ketchup option).  The fries were yummy and we also elected to try the croquettes which were a nice addition.


Drink specials were good and the bartenders/staff were super friendly and attentive!  I recommend you try this place for yourself.  Beware that parking is tough and it gets crowded after 6:00pm so be sure to snag a seat before that!


Not Very Good at Saving Money

Hello, my name is J and I have a problem, a big one. I suck at saving money. I literally, I cannot keep a penny to save my life. If I’m not spending money, I’m donating money. It’s a sad habit I’ve picked up and it needs to end!

It is becoming increasingly more troublesome as I am now, frantically, trying not live pay check to pay check and to save money for my move in September. And yet, I find myself purchasing little things here and  there. Who doesn’t need that new shiny pen or that great purse? BETTER yet, let’s go grab a drink and dinner at that fancy new restaurant in town!! Plus, my friend is running a race and she needs to meet her fundraising goal…and I just can’t help but want to help!  All of this spending is adding up! We must put an end to it.

It’s trouble! I’m entering my mid-twenties and I am accountable for my actions. I therefore promise to be more active in saving money. …I hope. If you see me trying to convince you that I really need product XYZ, please tell me to not waste my time. Thanks.



New Man, New Happiness

I guess it takes being in a shitty relationship to fully appreciate a great one when you find it.  Things with Penguin have been amazing.  I truly could not ask for a more caring, thoughtful person that will push me when needed, but be there for me when I’m in the shitter.  It’s amazing that through all my past blog posts about The Newbie, there weren’t many where I was happy.  I was always posting about an issue or concern I had with him.  My…how the tides have turned.

I look at my new relationship and truly realize how lucky am I to have gone out on December 28th and to have struck up a conversation with a boy.  I’m still in shock and so happy how things have progressed.  Some awesome things (which might seem trivial, but mean a lot after being in such a shitty relationship) that the Penguin has done over our last two months of dating…

  1. Remembered when I was leaving for my work trip and randomly asked weeks in advance if I needed a ride to the airport
  2. On one of his days off, he asked if there was anything he could do for me
  3. Constantly trying to help me remain positive
  4. Made an effort to spend time with my sister and brother-in-law
  5. Has no issue making commitments to me for my various outings with friends (inauguration bar crawl, bottomless brunch, lunch/site seeing with out of towner)
  6. Waits to watch our shared shows together
  7. Made reservations for restaurant week and Valentine’s Day
  8. Asked me to go to 2 different weddings with him (remember that time the Newbie went out of town for his sister’s wedding and I wasn’t invited…actually I didn’t even know she was getting married that weekend)

And I know…J is probably reading this post, thinking to herself, vomit….and I totally understand where she is coming from because I am just like that.  It’s just sooooo nice to be happy.  So people, be happy for me 🙂  And now, I am done throwing it out there in everyone’s faces.


Recreational Strip Club Attendance

I was talking to my College BFF tonight after she had a weekend full of drama.  Basically, one of her husband’s groomsman went to strip club and his live-in girlfriend freaked out.  The girlfriend then described to the College BFF pictures she saw from her husbands own bachelor party.  While the pictures weren’t anything too surprising for a strip club experience, it hit her hard for several reasons.  The biggest issue at this point and the reason for this post is her confusion to what is acceptable now as married adults.

As a married couple, is it acceptable to go to strip clubs?  And while at those strip clubs is it okay to get a lap dance or go up on stage? We both came to the conclusion, that whatever the decision between the couple is, it has to be consistent.  So if the guy can go so can the gal.

My big thing is, if you wouldn’t feel comfortable doing it in the company of your significant other…it isn’t acceptable to do it without that person around.  Would it be okay to be at a bar and get a lap dance from a random girl?  My personal opinion is no.  I understand my guy might have to go to a strip club for a “special occasion,” but I think in those cases it should be all look and no touch.

What are your thoughts on the matter?