Never Fails to Disappoint- the Ex of all Exes

I’ve seen the Ex of All Exes once since the big reveal occurred (back in November).  That one visit lasted about 5 minutes in a parking lot where I gave him several things; including, a christmas gift.  We have emailed and texted back and forth occasionally about several things and recently he mentioned wanting to get together.  We made plans for lunch this past weekend.  We confirmed time/location earlier in the week.  I was nervous about seeing him, but excited to catch up with the thought that we might be able to work on building our friendship again.  I definitely miss talking to him and still take it pretty hard about the way things ended.

I texted him the morning of to triple confirm…and no response.  We were supposed to meet at 1:00pm and I didn’t hear from him until 1:20pm.  He was sorry…he forgot and was sleeping.  It hurt.  I mean, I know I should be used to it by now…but it still bothers me.  I can’t imagine how someone can constantly let me down.  It’s like second nature to him.  And he wonders why we aren’t together.

I had even worked up the nerve and told the Penguin about the rendezvous because I know two things he highly values in a relationship are honesty and communication.  And it didn’t even happen.  Screw the Ex of all Exes.  I’m done trying to be friends.



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