Entering the Friend Zone

Have you ever met someone who just keeps you sane? Well I have. And unfortunately, like all things in my life, we just can’t get our timing right. It’s one thing or another that stands in our way of finally getting together. Mind you, sometimes I’m just difficult to be with but hey, I really like him.
He is very easy for me to get along with; fun to talk to and most importantly, he has a distinct ability to keep calm when I get a little nuts. (By a little, I mean A LOT.) I bet you’re asking well, if you like him so much why aren’t you with him?
Because I’m difficult and indecisive. It’s not just me though. He is too. We dated a little last year and things abruptly ended leading me to be mad at him for quite some time. We eventually reconciled and occasionally communicated. We hung out together this weekend after not seeing each other for a year and the feelings, at least for me, are still there. It was relaxing and simple to around him. I wasn’t trying to impress him nor was I unimpressed by him. He is awesome…most of the time.
This time around, he is being much more cautious. I think in part, to protect me and himself from last year’s debacle. I’m also moving to the UK in September so right now might not be the best time to rekindle a romance 5 years in the making.
I have no idea if he feels the same way. I am 90% confident that he does but you never know. We might never figure this out. At least, we tried. I think.
Let it roll.

2 thoughts on “Entering the Friend Zone

  1. Weird timing. I’m currently going through a very similar situation. A girl I dated 5 years ago recently moved back to town after traveling for the last 4 years. When things ended, back-in-the-day, it wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t good either. I was basically chicken and not ready for something serious yet.

    We’ve hung out a couple times, and have talked plenty about doing things in the future…but I’m not sure if she’s in the frame of mind of a friend or rekindling the more romantic part.

    Part of me thinks I just need to stop beating the bush and put it out there.

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