Recreational Strip Club Attendance

I was talking to my College BFF tonight after she had a weekend full of drama.  Basically, one of her husband’s groomsman went to strip club and his live-in girlfriend freaked out.  The girlfriend then described to the College BFF pictures she saw from her husbands own bachelor party.  While the pictures weren’t anything too surprising for a strip club experience, it hit her hard for several reasons.  The biggest issue at this point and the reason for this post is her confusion to what is acceptable now as married adults.

As a married couple, is it acceptable to go to strip clubs?  And while at those strip clubs is it okay to get a lap dance or go up on stage? We both came to the conclusion, that whatever the decision between the couple is, it has to be consistent.  So if the guy can go so can the gal.

My big thing is, if you wouldn’t feel comfortable doing it in the company of your significant other…it isn’t acceptable to do it without that person around.  Would it be okay to be at a bar and get a lap dance from a random girl?  My personal opinion is no.  I understand my guy might have to go to a strip club for a “special occasion,” but I think in those cases it should be all look and no touch.

What are your thoughts on the matter?



One thought on “Recreational Strip Club Attendance

  1. Ray, I think you and I might vary on this one. I agree as you do, going to strip clubs as a committed or married man should be reserved for a friend’s bachelor party or other such occasion. I’d be a little uncomfortable with my hubby just going out with his buddies to a strip club for a random night out. I’d be skeeved out if he went on his own after work some night.
    Your significant other should have a clear view of what cheating means to you and they make their own decisions as to going to a club and behavior while there. The last thing I want to be is that wife that gives her husband an ultimatum and forces him to miss out on a bachelor party because I’m uncomfortable with strippers. I’m also fine with lap dances or going on stage. Though I do think those should mostly be reserved for the bachelor. Truth be told, my biggest concern is always money (of course). Strip clubs are expensive. I don’t want our “fun” money for the month blown on a lap dance. I want to be taken out to dinner. Ha. Priorities.

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